About Us

Tornetta Realty Corp., was originally founded in the 1950’s by four Tornetta brothers. Four brothers whose drive, aptitude, creativity and civility in structuring real estate transactions, concentrating specifically on commercial/industrial, gave the company the foundation it needed to grow and expand its influence in the local real estate markets. By offering a comprehensive package of services, Planning & Development, Property Management, Investment Sales, and Brokerage Sales & Leasing, “TRC”, naturally became not only one of the most successful and recognized, but also trusted and valued, Full-Service Commercial Real Estate Firms in the greater Philadelphia, Tri-State area.

TRC is involved in the development and ownership of some of Montgomery County’s most viable shopping centers, business industrial parks, executive office complexes, and mixed-use campuses. TRC strives to be a good corporate and community partner by direct contribution, or hosting & participating within the municipalities we do business in.

The company not only has the “hands-on” experience and knowledge, but is highly efficient, committed, communicative, and utilizes state of the art software and equipment to keep up with today’s ever growing real estate needs and trends. With these factors in place, we have created an industry recipe, stamped by TRC’s “style”. A style that is based on integrity and includes innovative approaches to solving real estate problems that creates successful transactions and settlements for our trusted clients and partners.

Tornetta Realty Corp. has grown over the last 70 years, but the roots, foundation, and values have remained. As a company based on tradition, we believe in human relations  and doing our utmost to provide our clients and partners with the best level of service possible. If there is a commercial real estate question we may help you with, please give us a call at 610-279-4000 or email tornetta@tornetta.com.